Denise Lancaster

Columbus, Ohio
Interior Enhancer, Artist, and Gallerist, (SER) Scenery Essence Redesign, Ltd
Denise Lancaster, President/CEO of (SER) Scenery Essence Redesign, Ltd. Watercolorist born 1984. Has umpteen years as an interior enhancer and professional experience in creating plus selling freelance and commission luxury art to clientele, she has been in copious exhibitions featuring local, regional, national and international artists. She studied advanced portfolio and commercial art in her earlier years, later receiving a scholarship from Columbus College of Art & Design achieving a BFA in Fine Arts. Lancaster has traveled abroad overseas to the Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago, where her original artwork exhibited internationally. Her artworks have been publicized in newspapers, magazines and other mainstream media. Lancaster has sold works of art and exhibited extensively worldwide, her works reside in many private and public collections; additionally she has received numerous prestigious awards and grants for excellence in the arts. The public can view and shop Lancaster's online eCommerce gallery worldwide for both commercial and residential luxury art within the marketplace at